Jumat, 26 Februari 2016

My Dogs Stories

Hi guys, my name is Helina, I have a little cute dog. I named him Snowy, because his colour is white like a snow. He is a Kintamani from Bali Island, I got him from Kintamani Hill, Bali Island. Kintamani is look like a wolf, so it look like Husky and Maltamute too. So maybe because that, many people say Kintamani is Husky fom Indonesia because Kintamani is come from Indonesia. And my snowy is really love ice or something cold. He really like to drink cold water, cold milk and etc. This year, he is 4 y.o, but he still funny and never tired. He like to run away, especially when that day is raining. He like to play with tear drop from that rain. Now, he have a new friend. She is a Golden Retriver from America and I named her Deril. She is fatter than snowy, because she like to eat anything. But I really gratefully because they are never fight.

And after Deril come to my house, she like to eat Singkong espescially Singkong boiled. And she like to eat potato too. She is like to eat vegetable more than meat, I don;t know why, but she like that. So every I buy Cap Cay, she always wait behind me to get some vegie from my plate. But the most one she like is bread, especially bread with sweet milk. Wow.. She will do it anything get it, from sit with cute face, rolling arround me, give me a her hand for a shake hand, kiss my cheeck, and anything what can make you happy and will make you give her some bread. But I don't know why, but Snowy never like bread.

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